Using Bellissimo Catering for your event


Reaching out to us tells us that you are looking into planning an amazing event with great food. We are a Full Service Catering company. We want your guests to feel like royalty and we treat them as such. We come with a full staff and take pride in that. Working with us will ensure that your event is as FABULOUS AS YOU ARE!


Step One ~ 

We will send you our event questionnaire. This helps us see the basic details of your event.


Step Two~  

Taking the basic details, we will then schedule a phone consultation. A consultation is a great way to hear what your dream is and to discuss how we can make that a reality. We do not feel that our clients should always pick from a list of foods! We want to hear what you're thinking… and then create something special! Your vision is our greatest work!


Step Three ~  

Following our consultation, we will either send you some sample menus, info and even possibly a proposal for you to look at. During COVID, we also will send you a mock contract for you to see our policy on the current pandemic. 


Step Four ~  

Following our receipt of proposal, we can schedule a tasting. Tastings are $100. When you decide to book with us, and we receive a deposit and signed contract within 2 weeks of your tasting, we will gladly give a $50 credit to your final bill.


Step Five~ 

To book your date the deposit is 25% of your initial agreed invoice and is non refundable.  Your event date will not be secured without a deposit and signed contract. If there is less than 60 days from your event date, then a breakdown will be given with a proposal and a different deposit percentage. 


Step Six~ 

Payments are made by dates on proposal. At two weeks, a final guest count will be given to Bellissimo Catering. A new invoice will be generated with final guest count. Balance is paid to Bellissimo Catering, one week from event date. 

What Comes With Our Services

  • Trained and courteous staff to serve your guests.

  • Water service on your tables (if you’re serving a sit down meal)

  • Cake cutting or dessert placing.

  • Pouring of champagne if needed.

  • During Covid, if you choose to have a buffet, we will be serving your guests to ensure there is limited touching of utensils.  

  • Picking up plates and cleaning event space. 

  • At the end of the night, we will leave all food leftover for you to take home. (as per our contract, once we leave the facility, Bellissimo Catering is no longer liable for the quality of the food.)

  • We do not provide liquor, but we have some amazing bartenders we can recommend to you.

  • We also have some incredible vendors we can recommend as well, for your event

Tips from Bellissimo Catering: 

  • With the wedding industry being as crazy as it is, and all the other couples looking to get married, PLEASE never ghost your vendors. If we are not a great fit for you, please let us know. By you reaching out to us initially, we assume you are in the market to BOOK a caterer. Please see our list of prices to see if we are a fit for your budget. 

  • Never skimp on a cocktail hour if you are getting married, having your reception at the same venue and having a “lull” time before the reception.  While you are taking pictures etc, appetizers give your guests “something to do” while having cocktails.

  • Your vendors (DJ, photographer, officiant, photo booth operator, videographer etc) need to be included in your final count. Bellissimo Catering does not charge you to feed our staff. 

  • Please be honest about your budget in the beginning. 

  • If you have guests with dietary issues, please let us know that in advance. 

  • Your venue may dictate what we can and can not serve. We have worked in several venues but not all, so knowing what the facility has for us to use to work with, can greatly help us plan your menu.

Facts & Questions 


Venue & Availability

  • Do you have our date available?  If we are not available, we will let you know. We are officially booked for 2022. We have begun to book 2023. 

  • Will you have other obligations that day? It is all depending on the event type and size. If it is a big event or a wedding, we only book one of those events per weekend. 

  • Can you accomplish our vision? Being honest with us in the beginning regarding your vision, the venue and your budget will help us accomplish your dream.

  • What are your specific needs to cater at the venue we selected? Depending on your menu we may require a refrigerator and/or oven. If you are selecting to eat on china, we will need a sink to process your china to be returned to the rental facility. 

  • How much space do you need? Ideally we would like our own catering space or area. 

  • How much time do you need to set up and tear down? We typically arrive 1 hour before your event, but that is all dependent on what we are providing to you. 


Food & Drink 

  • Do you have a standard menu, or can you custom one? We can do anything you would like. We do have a standard menu to help you, but we are always open. 

  • What if something we are looking for is not on your list? Let us know!! A lot of our favorites are things we made for previous clients and have added to our list of choices!! 

  • What are your most popular dishes? Tri tip, lemon garlic chicken, holiday salad, summer caprese salad (served in spring/summer), and our homemade marinara sauce.

  • Do you charge a bulk fee or a cost per person? We charge per person.

  • When do you need final menu choices? Your menu is made upon contract. We allow changes to be made up to one month in advance. Any Changes made after the agreed proposal,  may change the final amount due. 

  • How do you handle last minute requests? We are always here for you. Our company is operated by two owners, which we take a lot of pride in. We are Bellissimo Catering, but we are also Goretti & Jenn and we know that things change. We also guarantee that we will be at your event to make sure that all the things we discussed are covered.

  • What are the portion sizes like? We tend to over cook. We never want your guests to leave hungry. EVER. There is always seconds available. We NEVER want your guests to leave your event and go to TACO BELL!!

  • Do you make wedding cakes? We do not bake cakes, but we have FABULOUS friends in the cake industry.  We do offer desserts that we make and some that we purchase from bakeries. We will however cut and serve your cake as a courtesy if you are serving that for dessert. 

  • Do you offer non-alcoholic beverages? We do! We offer a station with lemonade, ice tea (plain and sweet), Water (lemon, mint or cucumber), coffee and Hot chocolate. 


Logistics & Details

  • Do you provide linens? We provide linens for buffet tables, appetizer tables and drink stations. 

  • Do you have china? We do not provide china and glassware. We are more than happy to assist you in your rentals of these items. 

  • Do you share a contract in advance? We are more than happy to share a contract with you at any time.

  • Is there anything new with COVID that we should know? Yes. We require more staff to handle small things at events. How many staff members we bring will be determined by the type of meal served (buffet, plated or family style), it will also be determined by your guest count.