When quoting you an investment price we consider all factors: type of food served, staff needed, travel, dinnerware chosen, venue space for caterers etc.  

Pricing starts at 

$15 for Breakfast/Brunch/sandwich lunch 

$20 for a single protein buffet, taco bar or pasta bar (lunch or dinner) 

$25 for Tri Tip and Chicken Buffet (lunch or dinner)

** plus tax and service charge or delivery

** packages include staff with the above prices

** Other proteins available for market price

The only thing that doesn't change event to event is your investment into us. We ask that you provide a 25% non refundable deposit to secure your date. This deposit is used towards your final payment.

Answering the event questionnaire will help us give you a more accurate investment quote.


Please visit our Consultation process tab to fill out our Questionnaire.